King of Glory

I see the King of glory!
Towering above the earth.
Casting a shadow of mercy,
Since the worlds wondrous birth.

Even when we try to be holy,
All day long in sin we bathe.
We are a wicked people
And we are men of little faith!

We were sheep wandering astray,
Now our Sheperd has come!
He leads us to salvation
Available to all not just for some.

Now narrow is the good gate,
Hard is the path that we follow.
But wide is the disgraceful gate
And the masses it will swallow.

Saved by humility in our hearts
And God’s merciful love,
Our King’s suffering for our part
And The Spirit sent like a dove!

What is a suffering lifetime on earth,
Compared to eternal life of splendor?
Who can rise against us
When the Lord is our defender?

I will see the King of glory!
His holy light shining from Zion,
Unexpectedly coming to the world,
To save us from the den of the lion.

Tribal man at sunset

Written by Louis van Niekerk on 4 July 2011


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