Living Light

Our life starts with a new flame
Like a candle when it’s lit.
This flame slowly stretches,
And burns the wick bit by bit.

We feed on what is God’s wax
That we melt and work ourselves.
We drink this molten life,
And stay in perfect health.

Sometimes winds of trouble blow
And we feel the flickering pain.
But placed inside a lantern,
We have only more light to gain!

Those around us can see us shine.
Now midway through, our flame is tall!
Together with the objects in our life,
We cast the shadows on the wall.

As the wax decreases in our pot,
All our wrongs we want to mend.
So we use all the energy we’ve got
And try to shine until the end.

Our bright flame disappears
Together with the light we made.
And the molten wax hardens
As the memories of us fade…

Written by Louis van Niekerk on 31 August 2010


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