Welcome to my poetry website. Lots of my poetry I have written during my lifetime has gone missing over the years. It happens when you move from place to place (country to country).  So I decided to post them up on a website so that they will be collected and be accessible from anywhere in the world.  I have always written poetry for enjoyment, and as a result they were stacking up. Now I just upload them as I write. Some of the poetry on this website has previously been published, others have never been read by anyone. (or so I assume)


As you know all the good artists, poets and musicians only become famous after they have long left this planet, so this is purely for enjoyment.


I have a real passion for photography, and all the photographs on this website are my original work too. Please enjoy them with the matching poems.


Many thanks.


Louis P van Niekerk


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English Sonnet

It always seems like the skies are blue Everybody’s excited to get on the fun train Preparations and getting ready your whole crew, But then all is spoiled by that poxy rain. So we go inside to have a cuppa tea And turn on the heating, because it’s freezing I then turned on the tele … Continue reading English Sonnet

Messianic Juice

Messianic juice We have a truce Between Jews and Gentiles It has been a while Since we all had a smile on our dails C’mon Israel Isaiah’s prophecy Jesus fulfills it The devil conceals it The church reveals it Why do you still reject There’s a war in effect Let’s all resurrect Become God’s elect … Continue reading Messianic Juice

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