Around the Fire

It’s the scent in our clothes,
When it’s passed 12 o’clock,
It is these men’s stories,
That is our daily talk
About our daily walk

It’s the crackling of the wood
being licked by the flames
It’s where we cook our food
and where we play our games
This the place of my heart
Where we all take part
Right from the start

Forget about the past,
Tomorrow is a new sky
together we will laugh
and together we will cry,
United we provide
Through this fire we are tied

It’s the great oak trees
It’s the ancient stones
It’s the stars in heaven
on their quiet thrones
Listening together
to the red coal’s sounds
with their flaming crowns.

Guys it is an honour,
To sit beside these names
Sharing these fiery coals
Our friendship sealed by flames

Brothers it’s a privilege
to be here, in this weather
Under the moon and clouds
Where the hard coals burn together

Men it’s an honour
to be here tonight
to listen to the silence
and hear the fire fight.

Beneath this starry universe,
We, the hard coals converse.


Written by Louis van Niekerk on 29 January 2019

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