I Miss You

I can’t begin to tell you,
How much I miss you.
The whole day through,
All I seem to do,
Is think about you.

What I say is true,
It is not just the day,
But you are on my mind
All through the night too.

Your love was like a poison dart,
Through my veins
Spread to my heart.
There was no pain,
I wish I had it from the start.

It makes me feel good,
Like cream and strawberry tart.
You beat my sorrow,
When you played your card,
The Queen of hearts
I hate when we’re apart.

Memories of you hurt,
Because you are not here.
I really wish you were,
As I drop another tear.

I long for the day,
When your face I shall see!
I feel the joy, thinking
Together we will be!

It is not long now
Before we’re united.
But far too long,
For lovers unsighted…


Written by Louis van Niekerk on 06 August 2009


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