The Wheat and the Weeds

The kingdom of heaven was planned
Like a man sowing good seed in his land.

But while everyone was sleeping
The enemy came creeping
With bad intensions and deeds
He came and sowed his weeds

When the plants sprouted and bore grain
Weeds appeared and tried to constrain.
The workers then started to complain:

“Dit you not sow a harvest of wheat?
Why now these weeds of deceit?”

The land owner said something is amiss
“An enemy of us has done this!”

“Shall we gather the bad weeds?
They can be dangerous and bear seeds…”

The owner commanded them to stop!
“This may also uproot my precious crop.
Leave them to grow together,
They will receive the same weather.
But at the great harvest time
I will take the wheat that is mine.

I will burn the harmful weeds of my farm,
But store my wheat safely in my barn.”
Grass Seeds

Written by Louis van Niekerk on the 30 September 2011

This is of the parable in Matthew 13:24-30


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