The Tree and The Sun

Living in this life
Is like a tree in the dark.
A lonely standing plant
In the middle of a park.

I will not survive
Without Your blessing rays,
Without Your warmth
And light during the days.

For it was only Your warmth
That made me sprout as a seed.
And it is Your light
In which towards I grow indeed.

My open leaves receives
Your blessings shining down.
You sustain and satisfy me
From my roots to my crown.

Without You my leaves will fall,
And my flowers will be no more.
Reduced to only driftwood
Or rotting logs on the park floor.

But with Your constant glow
And all your love and care,
I can grow tall and old
And fruits for You, I will bear.

More seeds now I can disperse,
Thanks to You the cycle is done.
I will be Your peaceful tree
And You will always be my sun!
tree and sun (1)

Written by Louis van Niekerk on the 05 May 2010

A poem to the Lord.


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