Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today

The weather yesterday was cold and grey.
I wished I could wish that weather away.
It made me want to drink something hot,
So I could warm my body in that spot.

The weather tomorrow will be warm and red,
I wish it would cool down before it spreads.
It would make me want to go swim,
So I can cool my body to the rim.

The sky today is nice and blue,
I got everything that I wanted to.
It makes me want to live my life!
It makes my body feel so alive.

Yesterday has gone away,
Forget about the cold and grey.

Tomorrow is still to be done,
Don’t stress about things to come.

Today is here right in this moment now,
It’s a present, so live it proud!

Written by Louis van Niekerk on 20 November 2009

This poem also used by the Public Schools of North Carolina, USA


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