What is Thunder?

Man does not even fully understand
The nature of a thunder storm
It is a miraculous event at hand
When the heavens decide to perform.

It can be frightening, this sky art.
Sending a chill like a dart to my heart.
Or it can be soothing and calm
Like king David singing a psalm.

The voice of Your thunder goes rolling on
The world is flaming with the light of the storm!
The rain is falling and the earth is quaking
I can’t rely on myself my confidence is shaking

The crackling creases of lightning bolts
Web through the clouds with brightening volts.
This seriously striking superpower
Proclaims Your majesty during this hour.

It is Your voice above all other
It is like Your breath upon the land
Instructing us to love one another
Whilst sending blessings on desert sand.

It’s a taste of what will be found
When the Lord of armies comes around
With thunder and great sound
Along with rushing wind and storms
And the flames of burning fire to the ground!
edited clouds

Written by Louis van Niekerk on 21 July 2011


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