Saint Basil’s Catherdral

Saint Basil Cathedral was built
And there was no building greater.
But was it built out of guilt,
To win over the Creator?

The towers like flames rising to the sky,
With dazzling details in the design,
The heavenly city feels nigh,
Within its walls you feel divine.

How long will these walls survive?
How long will God be praised?
Since fifteen-fifty-five
The folk would have been amazed!

The trinity church, now a show case,
Were people come to see the bricks.
This place is now a disgrace,
Because of the forgotten crucifix!

Saint Basil Cathedral was raised,
A place for God’s satisfaction
And where the Trinity was praised,
But now just the local attraction.

Written by Louis van Niekerk on the 12 July 2011


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