7 Proverbs

The start of knowledge is to have fear of the Lord,
Wisdom and learning makes the foolish men bored.

His salvation saved for the men standing with a straight marrow,
As He protects their hearts from the evil arrow.

Wisdom is not the most important in life,
Fear of the Lord makes you strive,
Beware of the evil’s butcher knife.

True wisdom is to obtain wisdom a lot.
Get knowledge in exchange for all you’ve got.

My children please listen to me.
Don’t throw My words in the sea.

Don’t be lazy and loaf around the house,
When the cat is away don’t be the mouse.

Men without sense linger around,
The woman without a moral background.


Written by Louis van Niekerk on 10 November 2009


This poem comes from the following verses in the Bible:

PROVERBS 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the start of knowledge: but the foolish have no use for wisdom and teaching.

PROVERBS 2:7 He has salvation stored up for the upright, he is a breastplate to those in whom there is no evil;

PROVERBS 3:7 Put no high value on your wisdom: let the fear of the Lord be before you, and keep yourself from evil:

PROVERBS 4:7 The first sign of wisdom is to get wisdom; go, give all you have to get true knowledge.

PROVERBS 5:7 Give ear to me then, my sons, and do not put away my words from you.

PROVERBS 6:7 Having no chief, overseer, or ruler,

PROVERBS 7:7 I saw among the young men one without sense


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